Monday, 21 March 2011

ragnar persson: bats, birds and beasts

A few years back I saw one huge drawing/artwork by Swedish artist Ragnar Persson, in a collective art show. His piece was the only one that made an impression on me that lasted. His use of pencil, and drawings of birds, owls, bats, beasts, trees and skulls, among other things, just speak directly to my eyes and my heart. It’s both beautiful and slightly haunting, the best combination I know when it comes to art. Yesterday I went to see some of his work that’s currently being exhibited at Kulturhuset, The Culture House, in Stockholm. Turns out they’ve put him in a corner, and mostly glued printed posters so high up you can’t even see them. Disappointing to say the least, but I did enjoy looking at what I could.

Ragnar Persson’s website isn’t up yet, but it will be found here. You can read a short interview with him here, and see some more pics. And if you happen to be in Stockholm, the corner where you can see his works is the furthest one to the right at the bottom floor, next to the library.

Dokument Press, a small Swedish publisher, has had the good sense of publishing a book with Ragnar Persson’s drawings, called Feel the Darkness. I think I need to get it.

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