Friday, 25 March 2011

exceptional book covers: oceans

There are few things online I find more relaxing and rewarding than browsing The Book Cover Archive. Today I decided to share a selection of ocean related beauties, just because. Maybe I’m secretly dreaming of a beach somewhere far far away. Although I actually live on an island here in Stockholm, so there’s definitely no lack of water around here. Not that many whales around though, or shells. This first book is designed by Leo Nickolls.

Next up is one by Allison Saltzman.

Followed by brilliant typographer Marian Bantjes, who I admire big time.

Another book on fishing, this one designed by Helen Yentus, whose portfolio is very impressing indeed.

Finally a book designed by John Fulbrook III. In our Durban home we’ve got a small beautiful ceramic bowl, which was part of a wedding gift, filled with tiny shells from a beach on the North Coast outside of Durban. Always reminding us of a wonderful weekend spent there in June 2009. It was truly one of the strangest experiences I’ve had, because as soon as we arrived there and parked the car, time slowed down in the most remarkable way. I’ve heard of sleepy seaside villages, but I don’t think this was what was going on, at least I felt very much awake. And completely relaxed the entire time. We spent probably 2 hours shell picking or just sitting on the beach, watching the sea, but it felt like an entire day. I wish myself back to that feeling.

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