Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Durban in my heart

Just wanted to share some lovely moments and sights from our long stay in Durban. First up are some pics from a visit to Park Rynie, down the South Coast. It was so beautiful, and extremly crowded, which you wouldn’t know from seeing these pics.


 My pretty Pixie girl in her favorite sleeping spot: on a tray on top of the fridge in our house.

Magical evening sky.

Cutie-pie Milou, hoping he’ll get a treat if he waits patiently enough.

My favorite Missy, with her signature stare always following me around wherever I go. I love her to bits.

Nice piece of contemporary art on the Beachfront.

More Beachfront art, this piece a bit more temporary.

Oh, the marvellous Indian Ocean, I will never grow tired of watching it.

This is our new little friend, Freddy, a true fighter with a constant scratched nose, but all he wants is love and to sleep really close to you, preferably on top on your stomach.

Supposedly the biggest Hanuman statue in South Africa, maybe the world? It sure took us by surprise when we arrived to Chatsworth and saw it the first time.

Driving downtown Durban.

 Even more Beachfront art.

I miss it already, but I will always come back, again and again and again.

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