Friday, 27 January 2012

magical mystery walls

Stumbled upon this beautifully and cleverly designed jewellery “case” today. It’s made by the very talented illustrator and designer Annika Bäckström, and it makes me want to go home and look at things differently, see what I can make use of in my home in a new way. I use plastic placemats pinned on the wall for my earrings and necklaces, as a very inexpensive way of keeping them at display. Simply because I feel that I forget the things I don’t see, which in turn makes me buy too much stuff ... This will change this year! At least I will aim for that, it’s always easy to make statements like that just 3 weeks into the new year. Let’s focus on Annika Bäckströms clever design instead!

She has used parts from an old typewriter as hangers. I have always loved the letters from old typewriters, and still regret not buying a gorgeous piece I found in a thrift store once, just because it weighed too much. Oh, well, I’m sure it made someone else happy in the end.

Forks are used for rings! Very pretty.

I don’t feel quite at ease with “slaughtering” old books though, but if the result comes out this nice I guess I could make an exception. And I have honestly bought books second hand just because they had beautiful covers and binding, so that would be a good way to get some more use out of them. Food for thought!

Lastly I just had to include this picture too, with the most magical wallpaper I have ever seen, from Minakani Walls. I would put this in a bedroom though, just imagine the wonderful dreams you would have surrounded by these walls.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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