Sunday, 8 January 2012

Package Project 2011

So I have received the package from my super partner Rochelle in the Package Project, and it was a treat to open I tell you! Right now my internet connection doesn’t want to cooperate with me and load more pictures, but I promise I will post more as soon I get it sorted (or am back in Sweden). I did however manage to post some more over at Flickr, which I’m new to by the way, so I hope I did everything right ... Check it out here. This lovely collection of personal and thoughtful gifts consisted of really yummy bisquits (yummy, because I already ate them ...), hot chocolate (which I’m saving for one of the many cold Swedish winter nights left), a cute Christmas ginger bread man (will definitely hang the little sock up for Christmas next year!), a beautiful tea towel (goes perfect in our kitchen), lovely luminaries (can’t wait to try them out for a braai next summer), a gorgeous “bling-y” necklace/bracelet from a local design market (soooo cool!), a tiny adorable zebra brooch (too cute this little fella, and a great add to my ever growing brooch collection), and finally something as fantastic as a bottle of organic olive oil from Rochelle’s parents olive farm!

Thank you Rochelle, it was way more than I could’ve hoped for, and I really hope you’ll enjoy what I picked out for you as much as I am enjoying this!

For the rest of you: sign up for the next Package Project, it’s totally worth it!


Cupcake Couture said...

Lovely things! Lucky you!

Jenny Kellerman Pillay said...

Thanks! And thank you for the absolutely perfect pairing!