Tuesday, 31 January 2012

kokeshi cuties

I am absurdly predictable, I know, but I just couldn’t resist getting a few more Kimmidoll things at Exclusive Books in Durban. The first time we visited, I did my best to look the other way as to not notice the piles of new stock they had. But the second time that trick didn’t work. I only got two things though, but one of them actually gave me 12 new kokeshi dolls! I am quite happy with that, and I think they shall keep me happy for a while now.

All of them together on a cute little totebag, perfect when I just run out to the store and only need a wallet, phone and keys with me. A need that husbands and boyfriends will never understand, because they always have pockets.

Also got another small kokeshi doll, that I intend to hang on my everyday bag as my very special charm.

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