Sunday, 22 January 2012

fine Durban finds

So I’m back in Stockholm, with full access to internet again, and there sure is a lot of catching up to do after being away from most of it for almost 6 weeks! I’ve got a long list of things I wanna share here, and didn’t really know where to start, but then I thought I’ll just start anywhere. And anywhere turned out to be sharing some nice shopping finds I did in Durban. Although my husband claims I’ve got enough bead jewellery to last me a lifetime, I don’t agree! So I got some new pretty bracelets at the NSA Gallery shop.

This one has got my fave colours, so obviously it will go with half my wardrobe. The beautiful fabric it’s lying on is a gift from a friend. It’s a piece of Furoshiki, a Japanese gift wrapping fabric. I love it!

Got some shoes from Bata, very retro 50’s looking with a little wedge heel. Was looking at shoes everywhere, but in the end I figured it would be a bit silly to get more summer shoes, seeing that the Swedish summer is so short. I’m really glad I got these though, they are so comfortable and cute.

This red number wrinkles very easily, but I really like it just the same, because of it’s simplicity. I think it’s got that perfect everyday look, but could also work for a formal occassion with the right accessories.

This dress is my best purchase I think, and I’ve got my husband to thank for it! We went to a mall (Pavillion), and as we started to walk around there was a partial powercut and half the stores had to close for about 1 1/2 hours. We walked past a store I’d never been to, and he suggested we check it out since so many of the stores I wanted to go to were closed. And there it was, waiting for me, this lovely black and white thing! It looks a bit boring and plain just hanging like this, but it looks really nice on. Fortunately we had one party to go to, so I got to wear this pretty dress once already. I’m thinking it could work with tights and a black turtleneck underneath too, because the fabric isn’t too thin. So I don’t have to wait too long before I can wear it again.

Here’s a little cute top from Mr Price, surprisingly (to myself) one of very few things I got from Mr Price this time.

 Another cute little top, this one from The Hub.

 I’m in love with this pattern!

And finally a nice teal top with a “faux peter pan collar”, from The Hub. With the buttons in the back it reminds me a lot of some vintage blouses I’ve got from the 60’s.

Now I just need to wait and wait and wait for summer, or at least spring to come to Sweden, so I can use these nice new things!


Anonymous said...

The black & white dress is gorgeous!

Jenny Kellerman Pillay said...

Thanks, I am so in love with it!