Monday, 13 February 2012

I want some Ferm Living

I am very much in love with all the spring/summer news from Danish designers Ferm Living. It makes me want to throw most of my stuff out, and start all over with theirs instead.

I am usually not that drawn to the Scandinavian blonde style, in general, it feels a bit anemic to me. But during winter it does sort of promise a time of spring and light which really appeals to me. Now that we have got a dark grey couch I would like to brighten things up a little bit with some lighter pillows and throws, and get a new rug. The biggest problem is deciding on WHAT though, and then being able to afford everything ... Maybe I am going at it the wrong way though, maybe I should just start with the one thing, rather than getting everything at once, which obviously would be quite an investment.

Anyway, chek out the rest of the beautiful Ferm Living news in their catalogue here.

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