Monday, 20 February 2012

Mr M by Lambchop

Lambchop has turned out to be one of my longest lasting music love affairs, and they’ve now got a new lovely album out. They are also one of my all time favorite live acts, and I have been fortunate enough to have seen them quite a few times. March 20th I will get to do it again, and it will as always be like seeing an old friend again. Someone you haven’t seen for a long time, but neither one of you has really changed that much, and you just sort of pick up where you left off. That’s how I feel listening to their music too; like talking to a close friend about intimate details of your lives that you wouldn’t share with anyone else. It’s comfortable, because you know each other so well; it’s a little unnerving because sharing secrets always is; and all of a sudden you will both burst out laughing for no reason anyone else could ever understand.

Just listen to this gem of a song, and try not to fall in love with Kurt Wagner’s slightly squeaky, awkward, talk-singing rough voice that sounds like nothing else, and makes me want to cuddle up in it every time I hear it. It is the voice I would spoon next to if I could, and sleep like a baby in it’s arms. I cannot explain it in any other way.

Also, the beautiful album art is made by Wayne White, like so many times before. I think Mr White deserves a post all of his own at some point.

*Update* Disclaimer: apparently Kurt Wagner has made the awesome album art, NOT Mr White this time, in case Mojo got this fact wrong. Either way it’s really nice!

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