Friday, 3 February 2012

Lisa Congdon knows winter

I suspected the mild winter we’ve been having up North was too much to hope for to last (although I “cheated” spending 5 weeks in South Africa ...), and now Winter is here. Winter with a capital W. The revenge of all mild temperatures and snow free sidewalks. It’s not Arctic temperatures down here in Stockholm though, it stays around -10 so far, but up north they have to handle temps down to -40. Somehow we manage, and try to see the positive side of things this time of year: at least it’s getting brighter with the snow. And also we are getting more minutes of light by the day.

I am trying to feel optimistic about that, but mostly that this work week is almost over. And in honour of my Northern heritage, and this cold season we have to survive every year, I want to share some lovely winter related artwork from brilliant illustrator Lisa Congdon. If you happen to stay in or be visiting Portland, OR, she’s got an art opening tonight at Land Gallery together with Trish Grantham.

Be sure to visit her Etsy shop too, there are some lovely deals there on prints and other goodies. When (and if) we get a bigger apartment, possibly somewhere (not too) far away in the future, I would love to get my hands on a few things from there to make some walls more beautiful.

I’m gonna go see First Aid Kit live tomorrow, and it sure will be fantastic. The rest of the time I will most likely spend drinking tea under a blanket. Stay warm and enjoy your weekends everyone!

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