Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Waterquest design for life

Stumbled upon Danish design company Waterquest the other day, and fell in love with a lot of their vintage looking things. Trying to find out where to get them from, because I really like these lamps and we need lamps. These small ones I’d like by the bed, and they also come as clip lamps which would be great for some book shelves (we’ve got a LOT of those).

This gorgeous mint green pendant I want for the hallway, which has been without a lamp for years and years. A bit ridiculous, but since it’s a room you just pass on the way to somewhere else it has worked anyway. And mind you, our apartment is not that big, so the rooms next to this almost gives sufficient light as it is. I still want this lamp though.

And the bright turquoise pendant I want for the kitchen! Check out the other lamps here.

They also carry a lot of awesome retro wind up robots and toys, check all of them out here.

Adorable kids dinner set in melamin!

Pretty little illustrated metal tray. Lots and lots more products of the cuter kind found here.

Lovely 50’s looking espresso cups, in the most perfect colours and with triangles! Score!

And a little matching sugar bowl to go with the cups. More kitchen stuff found here.

Very nice modern table, usually not the kind of thing I would go for, but a person must be allowed some exceptions, right?

And lastly a very modern, and a little bit crazy, but oh so wonderful book shelf! If we lived in a big loft, with high ceilings and huge industrial windows, this is the kind of book shelf I would like as room dividers. Nice, huh? Be sure to check out other furniture and everything else from this fantastic place.

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