Thursday, 19 July 2012

Andrew Wyeth and The Walking Dead

Andrew Wyeth (1917–2009) is one of the great American realist painters, whose work I will surely never grow tired of looking at. Looking at some of his paintings online this morning, it suddenly hit me how much they remind me of The Walking Dead. That might obviously sound bizarre, especially if you haven’t watched this zombie tv show, but it turns out I’m not the only one having made that comparison. As you can read here, writer, director and producer Frank Darabont, has given it some thought. There is something threatening, yet serene, abandoned, yet haunted about Wyeth’s depicted scenes, and even if they are mere painted moments it’s as if time stands still – literally – in them. That is also the exact same feelings I get when watching The Walking Dead, which we did a few weeks ago. It has such a slow narrative, that really creeps under your skin, and you know the most horrible thing imaginable might happen at any second. I wasn’t at all prepared to get as into it as I did, especially since I generally don’t like post apocalyptic stories, but now I feel obsessed and cannot wait for October when season 3 starts. Eventually I will have to read the comics too, but for now I dare not spoil the continuation of the next season ...

All pictures belong to Andrew Wyeth.

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