Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jessica Hische is a genius, pt. 2

So this is my second admiration post about graphic designer and artist Jessica Hische, originally from Pennsylvania, now residing in San Fransisco. This beautiful S drop cap is from her side project called the Daily Drop Cap, that started in 2009. I do feel a bit intimidated using it, thinking that my blog is not pretty enough to surround it. At the same time it feels right to use it for this particular purpose: once again expressing my complete awe for it’s creators work. Just looking at a selected list of clients of Jessica Hische is enough to impress: Wes Anderson (come on, how perfect is that?!), Dave Eggers, Penguin Books, McSweeney’s, and Chronicle Books. To name but a few personal favorites. Dear Ms Hische, I am so happy to have found your genius work on this world wide web, I cannot even express my gratitude properly. Just know I will always be a huge fan, and follow your path from afar. Thank you.

These prints from her Drop Cap project are available for purchase here. Either one by one or as a collector’s set. Oh, how I want to become a collector.

This alphabird print is also for sale, and I do think I shall have to get my own pretty soon.

All pictures belong to Jessica Hische.

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