Monday, 5 April 2010

easter goodies

It's been a quiet and calm easter weekend here in the tropics, I had an omelette on Friday and scrambled eggs on Saturday, that's about it for "easter food". I would've liked some smoked salmon and pickled herring, but it's not really available here. Well, the salmon is, but being flown in from Norway doesn't really make any sense when you've got plenty of fish right in the Indian Ocean. Speaking of the ocean, on Saturday we went to the city to meet a friend for breakfast at NSA Gallery. I was excited about going back to their gift store, but was actually a bit disappointed this time. Or maybe it's just that I've already bought all the good stuff?!? Could be, could be. I got a few gifts for others at least, and then we were off to another old favorite around the corner on Davenport Rd: Euphoria. Which is actually four stores in one, and a coffee shop. One's got vintage men's jackets, one's got local design clothes and jewellery, one's got mostly imported Indian and Chinese clothes, and the last one is a second hand book store, with a pretty good selection. It's a little bit chaotic, but with very good find potential and I don't really mind in these small places as well, it's part of the charm I think. I knew as soon as a saw just a corner of the dress above, that I wanted it!

It's Chinese, with peonies and cherry blossoms in reds and turquoise and pink, on black and white, all of my favorite colors! But it's also got starfish, shells and seaweed! Who could resist that? Probably many people, but not me for sure. A perfect fit, in the softest cotton which is perfect for this climate, and a mere 150 rand (about the same in kronor). Done deal!

It's probably one of the more colourful and busy printed dresses I've got, but I love it! And it reminds me a little of the 60's Hawaiian print sun dresses that are so cute. I'd like to put this on, go to a pool party and sip mojitos all night.

On Friday another pretty dress got to come home with me, this one from a store that I probably wouldn't have gone into just based on the name and sign of the store, but I've actually managed to find some really good things every time I go there. Persistence friends, persistence will prevail! Or rather, not judging a book by it's cover I guess would be more accurate in this case. Anyways, the store is The Hub, and can be found in all major malls around here. As with all big department stores, you need to be patient and thorough when trying to find the goodies. This dress was "hidden" in the last corner I went to, having almost decided that I'd leave without anything this time, cos even if I'd spotted a few nice things, I wanted something more than nice that day. And there it was!

The colours, the leaf print that also looks like clouds, the cut, the perfect fit, the supersoft cotton. It simply ticked all the boxes for me. 170 rand was the damage, not too bad at all. And getting home, putting it on, I realized I already had not only a perfectly matching pair of earrings, but also a perfectly matching bracelet! Perfectly pretty indeed.


Miss L said...

The Euphoria dress is really pretty! It's a perfect Jenny dress!

jenny kellerman pillay said...

Thank you Miss L, I thought so too!