Thursday, 1 April 2010

dream dresses from folksy

Not that I'm running out of my own dresses to show, but today a friend recommended the Folksy site and I found these beauties I'm dreaming about now. This gorgeous red one can be found here. Not exactly cheap, but it will be custom made to your measurements, and each dress comes with a different vintage doily collar, very much to my liking.

This cutie is from the same store, find it here. I'm not a big fan of yellow, mainly cos it never looks good on me, but for this I would consider making an exception. I love geometrical patterns such as this, so typical for the 50's.

Finally a delicious cherry dress found here. Don't you just want to eat it?! Since the mail is somewhat unreliable here, I think I will wait until I get back to Sweden should I decide to order either one of them. But this weekend will hopefully bring some nice local shopping here in Durban, as I'm going to some of my fave stores. I might even go to the beach!

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