Tuesday, 6 April 2010

pin me down

As so many others I'm a bit obsessed with Joan Holloway from Mad Men, since the first episode I've been in love with her amazing style and curves. I think that partly has had something to do with the fact that last fall, after watching the first season a second time and the second one for the first time, I found myself getting a bit obsessed with brooches, that she frequently wears. I had a few already, but felt I needed more to spruce up my 60's dresses and resemble the lovely Joan more. Most of all I'd love to get my hands on that amazing pen necklace of hers though! If anyone sees a replica somewhere, pretty please let me know? Anyway, during my Saturday shopping at Euphoria where I bought the cute Chinese dress from the last post, I also found this adorable antique silver brooch. Like I've mentioned before, I've got a weak spot for leaf design for some reason, and I also really like the look of oxidized silver, when it gets almost black. I have no idea what era it's from, but if I had to take a wild guess I'd say 30's or 40's.

This pretty little thing is quite similar in it's shape, and was a great find in an antique shop were we spent at least an hour during a short road trip down the South Coast August last. The shop was in Ramsgate, just up the road from this very nice place where we had lunch. I can really recommend it, there were so much of stuff to look at, from all eras but I'd say mainly the first four decades of the 1900's. The prices were really varied, but this brooch was just R60, and I do believe it's real silver so that's a bargain in my eyes, even if it's got a few missing turquiose stones. I also got a tiny guitar shaped silver pin for R5, it's so cute.

I like how they look together, although I most likely will only wear one at the time! Some day I will also tell you about a brooches paradise I've been to, on another south coast, way up north.

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