Tuesday, 13 April 2010

an occasion for every dress

One of the reasons I have to justify my somewhat excessive dress shopping, is that I actually wear most of them on a quite regular basis, according to season and occasion. When it comes to the latter I firmly believe in making the occasion should it not present itself though. For example it's quite nice to get dolled up in a dress I'm in the mood for with matching shoes and jewellery on the weekend, even if I'm just going to do grocery shopping or having a laundry day. You might get the raised eyebrow or lingering look sometimes, but mostly I've learned to ignore that. And of course in my neighbourhood in Stockholm, I'm hardly the only one. There are plenty of stylish girls with excellent taste in clothes. Well boys too I suppose, but I prefer to look at dresses!

This gorgeous Hawaiian 60's cotton dress is one exception to the collection of dresses I've worn a lot: so far it's only been worn once actually, to a big family party quite soon after I bought it in the summer of 2007. There's also one other rather peculiar thing about it: it's one of surprisingly few items I've ever bought from Beyond Retro in Stockholm. I think the thing with that store and me is that I get completely overwhelmed every time I go there, there's just too much of lovely things! It's also usually quite busy, and I just get a bit stressed by the whole thing, to my regret I must add, cos I love the place. I guess I just need to practice a bit, find the odd hour when it might be less crowded, and have more time than usual to browse properly.

Now they're about to open yet another shop though, which is slightly closer to my work place in Stockholm, so I might spend some lunch hours there when I get back. But back to this particular dress, that I fell in love with and only paid 100 kronor for. It was maxi length, but I decided to shorten it to make it look less like a tent. With some of the leftover fabric I made a matching headband. I've really tried to find or make another occasion to wear it again, but it is a bit overwhelming, just like the store I found it in. I wanted to wear it to a wedding last year, but got persuaded not to in the end, simply getting the question if I wanted to steal the bride's attention. Which I didn't of course. I'm quite happy I listened to the advice too, cos it turned out to be a very casual small ceremony.

This little cutie I have worn quite a few times, and I bought it at one of Street's vintage markets, that sadly won't be happening anymore. I always really liked them, even though some of the stalls got a bit expensive the last few times. Friends who went to the vintage fair at Strand a few weeks ago were all a bit disappointed, but maybe they need a few more tries before they get it right. The fair I mean, not my friends. The dress is polyester and my guess it's 60's or possibly early 70's. It wasn't so much the cut or style of it, which is quite simple, but the adorable and unusual pattern that made me want it. I still like just looking at it! I got it for 150 kronor I think, after some almost involuntary haggling, which I have rarely done ever in my life. It had a loose hem though, on one of the red bands at the bottom, so the red band was almost coming off, which I just mentioned to the seller, who knocked off 100 kronor straight away.

Just look at it! Super cute indeed. Now tell me when's not the occasion for wearing a cute dress?

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