Saturday, 17 April 2010

pretty little things

Today we've been around some of Glenwood's finest, starting with breakfast at Corner Café. I was a little disappointed to find that the clothes and jewellery store in the back wasn't there anymore, it's now an art gallery. Does anyone know if it's moved, or just disappeared? They had such nice dresses from Soulskin and lovely jewellery that I had planned to come home with. Anyways, instead we headed over to this other jewellery store I really like, on Bulwer (where the organic herb shop is), and where I've bought some really nice things in the past. After some browsing I decided on the above silver flower earrings, I thought they were just perfect! I like that you get them in a little cute bag too, I always save those.

After driving by the for me new shop Mooi (although apparently it's been there for about a year), a couple of weeks ago, I've wanted to visit it. Meanwhile I've also found their blog and facebook site, and seeing quite a few pics of what they've got in store made me even more eager to go. Unfortunately I was in a bit of an undecisive mood today, and even though I tried on four very pretty dresses, in the end I couldn't decide on either one! That's pretty rare being me, a dress'o'maniac. But I'm also a bit sensible not buying things just for the sake of buying something. Well mostly, anyhow. I didn't want to leave without anything though, so I got this lovely ceramics brooch, made by Token. There were plenty to choose from, I almost felt like I could close my eyes and just pick one, but I was more in a flower mood than anything else today.

And since finding Cupcake Couture's blog the other week, thereby finding Mooi online too, I just had to buy one of her adorable measure tape brooches too. I got a pretty pink one with a little bird, I just love it!

A few weeks ago I also got this little cutie at Exclusive Books at the Pavillion. That was also a nightmare to try and decide which one I wanted the most, cos there's a whole range of different colours, and sizes, and dresses, and hairdo's and whatnot. In the end I just got the smallest one, as a starter to what might grow into a collection ... This one looks a little bit like me, although I as of yet don't own a real kimono, something I need to take care of in the future for sure. That Exclusive Books store has got some really nice gift stuff, besides a very nice range of books too of course. I can highly recommend it, although it's a little on the expensive side.

Now it's time to eat the fresh raspberries we got at Woolworth's, with some whipped cream – delish!

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