Sunday, 11 April 2010

the taste of yesteryear

There's a local brewery here that makes really nice bottles of soda, Frankie's, Olde Soft Drink Co. Their tagline is "The taste of yesteryear" and it comes in the following flavours: Old Style Root Beer, Cloudy Lemonade, Original Cream Soda, Homemade Ginger Beer, and Cinnamon Cola (that unfortunately wasn't available in the store where we found these). I usually only drink soda when there's nothing else to choose from, but especially this lemonade is really delicious and the other one's I drink with my eyes.

Howdy sailor. I've never tried cream soda before, so this will be a first.

This ginger haired girl has a slightly wobbly looking head, but she's pretty just the same. I really want to like ginger beer, cos I love ginger, and one of the few soda's I do actually like is ginger ale, but every time I've tried it I don't. And for those of you that are unfamiliar with root or ginger beer, it does not resemble regular beer whatsoever.

I'd really like a bikini like this, but preferably red with white polkadots. I have seen some online, in retro shops, but they're usually quite expensive and since I use a bikini maybe 1-5 times a year it doesn't really adjust that kind of investment in my opinion.

I don't really know why, but this girl is my favorite of the bunch. Guess I have a thing for baseball clothing or something.

Now what's left to do is put them in the fridge, wait for them to cool, and have a tasting later tonight, with some delicious leftovers from the braai we went to last night.

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