Thursday, 14 July 2011

anthropologie dreams

If I had unlimited resources, I would snatch up these dresses from Anthropologie in an instance. You know I’d better hurry since Swedish summer can be over any minute now (fingers crossed it won’t be of course). I love the colour combination of this lovely creation especially, and the cut is just perfect. It ties in the back! I do not, however, love the pricetag. €268 is quite ridiculous if you ask me. Who pays that for a dress? Unless maybe it’s a wedding dress. My wedding sari was by far the most expensive “dress” I have ever bought, but it was still slightly cheaper than that.

This cute and cool thing is on sale, but still way too steep for my budget, that is used to dresses costing around 150 kronor in thrift stores ... Less than a tenth of this dress!

This adorable thing is a bit too posh for what I would normally go for, but since I’m not really going for it, just dreaming, it stays!

Finally a perfect piece of black, flirty summer dress that I have in fact been trying to find lately, but come up empty handed so far. It’s difficult to find what I have in mind it turns out, except this one that ticks most of my boxes. Of course it crumbles to pieces when it comes to the pricetag again. Oh, well, one day I WILL find one that matches this AND is wallet friendly. Until then I do have about 15-20 perfect summer dresses in other colours, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too sorry for myself ...

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