Friday, 15 July 2011

beard obsession

I’ve been feeling terribly uncreative for a long long time, and haven’t really felt itchy enough to just get something done, no matter what. Because I know sometimes it’s just getting over that first threshold that’s difficult for me, and once I get started it seems to flow by itself. I’ve been wanting to pick up my guitar for a while, but it sort of scares me because I haven’t done it in so long (about a year and a half, yikes!) and I fear it will be like starting from scratch again. That it will be like having to learn how to play again, and that all my songs that I have actually written will be lost somewhere where I can’t find them. Not good, not good at all. So rather than finding that out, I dust the guitar guiltily every couple of weeks or so, and pretend I will put it in my lap another day.

But this week, something happened. Not with the guitar, it’s still sitting quietly in it’s corner, but with my creative inspiration. Much to my own surprise what kicked it off was seeing a bunch of amazing old photographs of old Swedish men, and suddenly I felt an urge to draw them. I have never drawn old men before, hardly any men at all to be honest. Well, I haven’t really drawn that much of anything really, just sporadically in the last five years or so, since my teens. Anyway, I’ve felt calm and rather happy doing this the last three nights, not feeling any pressure about it, just letting it come by itself and enjoying it. I hope the feeling will last, and that there will be more portraits and other things coming up.

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Saga said...

Wow! imponerad!Hade ingen aning om denna dolda talang :-)