Wednesday, 20 July 2011

hot poster for lukewarm concerts

Since a few years there’s a lovely place in Stockholm to go see outdoors concerts during some summer evenings. They call it “A lukewarm on the grass”, which may sound really weird, and I promise you it sounds the same in Swedish. What it refers to is having a beer on the grass. At least that’s what I have always assumed ... Now that I think of it I realise I could be wrong. Anyway, nevermind the name! When I still had a band we played this scene one scorching hot summer afternoon, and it was a little bit magical, even though I actually burnt myself on my guitar sitting in the sun. The things you have to endure as an artist ... I haven’t been there for a while now, but plan on going at least one of the dates coming up if the weather is nice. I have got the worst concert craving ever at the moment! Also a serious craving for pancake cake with cream and blueberries, for some reason ...

This years poster is rather amazing I think, and it was made in a precious 10 copies of which 5 were sold. I was too late unfortunately, but am hoping they might print a few more due to public demand.

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