Tuesday, 19 July 2011

fire fire

For some reason right now I feel myself being drawn to really fiery oranges, just like the book covers I posted yesterday. Here are some gorgeous gig posters from designer Todd Slater that fit into that colour scheme too. Maybe it’s because I don’t have any orange clothes what so ever, and not really anything orange in my home at all. Maybe my life is just lacking of orange.

This sure gives me a much needed visual injection of Vitamin C though. Thanks Todd!

On another note, but on the musical theme obviously connected to these posters: I have the worst concert craving at the moment! My ticket to Bon Iver will just lie at home for another four months until I can use it, and I definitely need to see something before that. I guess I need to stop being so lazy and go out exploring the unknown once again, just check out whatever comes to town like I used to, many years ago. I’m pretty sure there are lots of lovely sounds I haven’t heard yet out there. Bring them my way, please.

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