Thursday, 28 July 2011

summer shopping

So, just because I haven’t posted any pics of dresses in a while, certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t been buying them! These two lovelies I got just yesterday, and I am completely in love with both of them. I’m wearing this one right now, to work, and I plan to wear the other one tonight, going to a release party for my wonderfully talented sister-in-law’s new album (Firefox AK).

A photo like this does not give this pretty 50’s cotton sundress justice, take my word for it. It fits me perfectly and it’s got that everyday flair that I love the most in dresses, so it doesn’t make me feel like I’m playing dress-up, but still makes me feel special to wear a piece with history. If you know what I mean. I got this from a charity thrift store for 160 kronor (Stockholms Stadsmission, Nytorget).

This cutie I found first, in the same store, and I was agonizing a bit about trying them on since it was scorching hot outside and trying on clothes while being quite sweaty isn’t ideal. To say the least. I felt determined to walk away with something though, so I took a deep breath and got on with it. Which certainly paid off seeing that both dresses fit me perfectly and I knew I will wear them a lot.

Pretty puffy sleeves, I cannot get enough of you!

But it was the fabric I fell for first. I just adore the combination of geometric sharp shapes and soft flowers, and I’m still a bit obsessed with green too. This 70’s polyester cutie only cost 90 kronor, a bargain in my book, since it’s in mint condition. And even though it feels very summery, I know it will look great with tights and a cardy too, so it can keep me company all year round, thank you very much.

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