Sunday, 13 June 2010

cold and cloudy with a hint of summer

So I'm back in Stockholm now, slowly easing back into my life here. It's been pretty cold and rainy, but with a few hints of sunny summer, like today when I luckily was carrying my camera and took a few shots in my neighbourhood. The lilacs are still in bloom, but unfortunately the chestnut trees are not. Well, you can't get it all I guess.

A pretty rose hip flower just outside the little church that I live next to. It's weird to come home, to my other home, after three months, and sort of expecting things to have changed while at the same time assuming everything's the same. Cos I am. For now the big difference I'm noticing is the overall royal wedding frenzy, which I hope will cool down after the actual wedding next weekend. Not that it's more frantic than the world cup craze I've just left behind, but that I can understand better, even though I'm not a football fan.

It's a bit surreal to have a small meadow next doors, and I really live in the middle of the city, but there you have it. There are still things to unpack, shelves to fill, clothes to iron, friends to pick up with where you left off, picnics to enjoy in the parks, work to get done, new music to listen to, magazines to catch up on reading, and of course: lots and lots of vintage dresses just waiting for me in the shops.

But I'll try and behave, at least until I've unpacked all of my clothes, and hopefully realised how many dresses I've already got. The nice thing about getting back to this cold weather is that it gives me room to wear some of my favorite polyester dresses, and tights. I like tights. I also think it's pretty funny to watch the ever optimistic Swedes in summertime, wearing jeans, long sleeved shirts, jackets, scarves – and naked feet in sandals. When I'm cold, the first thing I cover up is my feet.

The long bright nights are very nice to get back to as well, even though I'm still slightly tired from my long journey, and being thrown back into social life not leaving that much time for resting. Which I didn't need that much, but as most Sunday nights go, I suddenly feel the weekend was too short and tomorrow morning I'm going back to the office for the first time in three months. Not that I haven't been working during this time, but it'll still be different. Luckily we've got a very beautiful backyard at work, where it's really nice to have coffee, so I'm very much looking forward to getting back to that. I guess the rest will follow.

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