Tuesday, 29 June 2010

ivy ivy ivy

If I could, I'd let ivy grow all over the walls in the "new" room. I don't know why I love ivy so much, but I do. This is of course the part I'm most looking forward to when I've finished painting: finding a place for everything pretty I plan to put in there. Mostly it's actually old beautiful things from the 50's and 60's from my grandmother, that I'll mix with my usual Asian artifacts. For example I need another Maneki Neko cat, I want a bigger white one to start with, since I've only got this little golden one. Obviously I can't just have the one little lonely Japanese cat!?

I'll definitely get more flowing ivys like these, I just love them so much! The "flower theme" for our wedding party was red roses and ivy, it was very beautiful. I've finally started for real with the renovation as of yesterday, and got a few things done tonight as well. Mainly I painted a first coat on the shelves I'm still not sure I'm gonna put up or not, but I really like the colour. It's turquiose, and it looks really awesome with the teak furniture that will dominate the rest of the room. It looks so good I'm now considering maybe painting one wall in the same colour too.

Another good thing with putting the shelves back up is that they'll be perfect for the ivy. So I guess that's decided then. I'm getting a bit excited now! I just wanna finish it straight away. Too bad I'm completely swamped at work, so I can't even leave a bit early this week. Luckily we've got the very long bright nights right now, so I can easily do stuff pretty late if I feel like it.

There's not that much more I can do tonight though, and tomorrow I've got other plans, but Thursday I'll finish the shelves, and all the prepping hopefully. The boring stuff like putting adhesive tape around door frames and such. So that I maybe can do a first coating of the walls on Friday, a second one on Saturday, and put the furniture back in place on Sunday. That would definitely make me high-five myself big time. Wish me luck!

Hopefully one of my brothers will come help me with some new lamps I need to put up. Doesn't sound that difficult you might think, but I bought some new lamps that turned out to have the wrong electrical chords for my old fashioned apartment. And even if I like to try and do most things myself, I feel electrical chords are a bit out of my league.

Oh, and something weird happened today: I saw a woman wearing a Mr Price dress that I've got as well, and that I got the first time I went to Durban in December 2007. I wanted to ask her where she got it from, but was in a bit of a hurry back to work from my lunch break, so I didn't. Maybe she was South African? In that case I'm guessing she's enjoying the incredibly warm weather we're experiencing at the moment. So strange that I'm in Sweden almost getting heat struck, and my husband is having to use the heater in our Durban home. Upside down world.

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