Thursday, 1 July 2010

Klaus Haapaniemi: I love your art

I've got a new art crush: Klaus Haapaniemi. He's a Finnish artist and graphic designer and he's completely amazing, see for yourselves here. Without knowing it's him, just like me until about a week ago, you might have seen his Iittala china series Taika. I'm especially in love with this completely AMAZING peacock print! I mean seriously, how is it even possible to make something this perfectly gorgeous? And I just found out that it's possible to buy a print from his agent, so now I've gotta think it over long and hard cos it's not cheap, but it's art and I don't think I would ever grow tired with it. It's so timeless. It would also fit so well with my new room, although I probably won't spend that much time in there so it'd be better to put it where I can see it the whole time. Food for thought, indeed.

As for the renovating I'm pretty much on schedule, bought the paint today and got a first coat up on the turquiose wall. I'm still loving the colour. And the shelves are done too, I think. Maybe I'll do another coating on them as well, will try on one first and see if it's a big improvement or not. Tomorrow I might post some pics of the mess that currently prevails, but shall soon be but a memory. I hope.

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Miss L said...

I love the "Taika" pattern! And now I love the peacock print too!