Tuesday, 20 July 2010

jewellery craves pt. 1: Genevieve Motley

As much as I love vintage jewellery, and finding a handfull of stuff at a flea market for 50 kronor, I do still crave some new designed pieces every now and then (or most of the time if we're being honest here ...). So without further ado, let me introduce you to a new favorite designer, Durban-based Genevieve Motley. I'm a bit disappointed I discovered her gorgeous jewellery maybe one or two weeks after I left Durban this time around, but since my husband is still there I'm hoping I can still get my hands on some things with his help, not having to rely in the post office to do their job. All that's left now is the anxiety of choosing! I'll show you a bunch of candidates, maybe you can help me make a pick? First up is a pretty perfect birds-on-a-string-engraved wood necklace for 85 rand.

Completely amazing hummingbird necklace for 110 rand. I'll admit this is my favorite. I just love everything about it. I wish it came as a brooch and earrings too, I'd cover myself in hummingbirds!

More hummingbirds, in the lovely material perspex, as earrings for 95 rand. A lot of the different things are available in black or white perspex as well as wood, making it even harder to choose cos they all look so good!

When can you ever go wrong with cherry blossoms? Certainly not like this anyway, beautiful wood engraved necklace for 85 rand. The heart and round necklaces come in different sizes, and a bigger version is 110 rand.

Birdcage with escaped bird silver necklace, 120 rand. How cute is this? The more I look at it, the more I can almost start feeling it around my neck ...

Another pretty birdcage necklace, this one in black perspex with silver bird, for 90 rand.

With matching earrings for 90 rand this couple could be a winner! Seeing that the birdcages look like chinese lanterns, I doubt I'll not end up with these.

Finally an incredibly cute fat robin brooch in white perspex for 60 rand. You can find out how and where to buy Genevieve Motleys lovely jewellery on her website, and right now you can also participate in a blog giveaway. Go to Being Brazens nice blog and find out how to enter, then cross your fingers and hope you'll be the lucky winner (competing with me I should add!). Best of luck to us all!


Miss L said...

It must be hard to choose between those pretties!

I would definitely go for one of the birdcage pieces - they're beautiful!

jenny kellerman pillay said...

I know, it's almost impossible! But definitely a luxury dilemma, the best kind of dilemmas.