Sunday, 11 July 2010

big reveal pt. 1

After working on the final things of the renovation during a way too hot weekend, I'm starting to feel just about done now. Still need some frames, and a few minor things, but all in all I'm quite happy with the result for now. The rest can always be altered or completed later on. Above is my small vintage 50's teak table, bought at an antique fair a few years ago for 120 kronor, with the pretty, colourful table cloth I got last week. The lamp is my grandmother's old, with a new lamp shade I just got for 60 kronor at Åhléns sale in Nyköping. The clock is also my grandmother's.

Turquoise shelves are looking good, and yesterday I got some more ivy and nice black pots. Oldstyle tobacco box from McSweeney's, filled with goodies (not tobacco). "Desirada" by Maryse Condé is one of my favorite covers from Leopard. Old frame with picture of my youngest brother as a baby. Assortment of dvd's and soft cover books, and just a few of my ridiculous plastic lizard collection.

This is my new music corner, even though the big record player isn't connected at the moment. The teak cabinet from the 60's, my grandmother's old, is filled with all my vinyl records. Pink lamp is also from my grandmother. The little plastic portable record player is from the 60's too, and was a gift from my father's wife. Table cloth is new from Indiska's current sale, 69 kronor.

Above the record players I thought it'd suitable to display a few vinyl covers, and chose three that I really like and that also look fantastic together: The Cure's "Disintegration", probably one of the vinyls I've listened most to back in the days before cd's (or rather before I started buying cd's). The Pixies "Bossanova" is just gorgeous inside out. And the cute kitten with rose petals belongs to Pale Saints "The comforts of madness". Pixies and Pale Saints are 4AD bands, in case you didn't know, a record company that's made some of the most beautiful record covers ever.

I've got a thing for old horror movie posters, and the creature from the black lagoon is a favorite. He's just so cute! The lamp with flower cutouts, pink inside and black outside, is from Bolagret last fall, 229 kronor on sale, a bargain in my eyes.

This lovely teak bureau from the 60's is another piece from my grandmother. I'll show what's so special about it later, I mean apart from how great it looks just as it is.

Curtains from Bolagret, 49 kronor for two. I couldn't decide if I liked the black or white better, so I got one of each. They're also quite narrow, so it works very nicely with them put together like this. Yin and yang of curtains.

This awesome, funky, crazy, crochet and bead lamp I simply could not resist at Indiska's sale, for 99 kronor it was mine. Of course it turned out the light bulb thing didn't fit, so now I need to get a new one. Don't really need to get one until the nights get darker though.

More ivy and the white flower fairy light I got last week from Coctail. I still haven't decided what treasures I'm gonna store in the tiny chest of drawers in the bureau. My grandmother kept some jewelleries and postcards there, so maybe I'll stick to that.

Adorable white porcelain cat on little embroidered table cloth, both from my grandmother. I'll leave you with this perfect 50's couple for now, more details will follow another day.

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Saga said...

Wow! Nice room, Nice shopping! :)