Thursday, 29 July 2010

particularly pretty penguins pt. 2

I can't resist posting some more gorgeous Penguin classics, these ones from the extraordinarily beautiful clothbound series. Again, I want them all! I love clothbound books, it's such a luxurious thing, and these ones are just like pretty bookdresses. Working on the production side of book making I'm well aware of how much it costs to do it, and must say I'm impressed by the low prices they still manage to keep for these gems. But I guess the print editions are quite big, and the royalty costs quite small, which helps indeed.

I wouldn't mind having a dress in each and every one of these cloths actually, not one bit. Especially this lovely black and white peacock pattern, it's just divine, as is the book it's covering. A very perfect combination for one of my all time favorite books, where you'll find one of my all time favorite quotes: "The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history." I believe Oscar Wilde did just that, even though he unfortunately didn't live to experience it himself. I think he would have liked to come to Stockholm during the Pride festival right now, and publicly diss everything about it in the most well mannered and eloquent way, while secretly loving it. I sure hope it won't rain on their parade on Saturday, that would mean a lot of sad looking feathers and running mascara. If the skies are clear I'll try and get a view along the way and snap a few shots if I can. As for today I'd need a boat to get around, that's how much it's been raining.

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