Monday, 12 July 2010

big reveal pt. 2

I didn't plan to put the bed in the middle of the room like this, but after my brother moved it in order to put up the shelves this weekend, I realised it actually looked really good like this. And if I get tired of it later, it's not exactly difficult to put it against the wall instead. The turquoise Indian bedspread is a table cloth from Indiska, that I just got for the bargain price of 69 kronor, cos the teller made a mistake and I didn't notice it until it was too late. Well, sort of anyway ...

Red silk Indian and Chinese rose cushion covers are old ones from Indiska, and wool embroidered cushion cover from my grandmother, probably from the 50's or 60's.

My old rocking chair, that I got at the Salvation army years ago for 600 kronor, doesn't really fit that well in that place, but I'll keep it there for now anyway. Since my cat has used her claws on it quite frequently, I've tried to hid the worst with a black table cloth kind of thing from Åhléns. They're made of felt, and cut out in lace-like patterns, and they seem to be very popular at the moment, cos I've seen them in a lot of stores. They're also quite cheap, and I quite like them.

The teak 60's bar when it's closed. Most things on the shelves are from my grandmother, and it looks a bit too static right now, like it's in a store, so I need to do some rearranging somehow. Or mix it up a bit with books or something. Will show close-ups some other time.

Open bar! It's got a lamp too, very cool indeed. I remember that I used to love this cabinet so much when I was little visiting my grandmother and grandfather, cos in my eyes it was something quite magical about how it opened and revealed so many hidden things inside.

Pretty much everything inside the bar cabinet is also from my grandmother, so many lovely items! I love looking at them. Now I need to start throwing some more serious dinner parties, or maybe ladies tea parties or something, so I can use it all.

The little crystal ice bucket is one of my favorite items, and I really need to have a drink party soon so I can use it. I need to get some tongs first though, and a proper shaker. The Lagavulin is unfortunately finished, it's one of my fave whiskys, but the Laphroigh is not. Very hot summer nights don't really seem like the best backdrop to whisky though, unless I'd learn how to make a chilled mint julep. Mostly just cos I love the name mint julep.

Here's the wonderful surprise with the desk I was hinting about the other day. It's also a vanity chest! As you can see I haven't decided what to put in there yet, it needs some careful consideration I think. And I've got enough of pretty things for sure, now I just need to choose.

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