Tuesday, 27 July 2010

chinese summer inspiration

On Saturday I finally watched "Lust, caution" by Ang Lee, and I have no excuse why it took me so long. I knew it was gonna be beautifully shot and well directed, as his movies always are, but sometimes I find them a bit too aesthetic, in the way that they don't really move me. Which is not a problem though, I love just looking at all the pretty things, and I'm telling you this particular movie is just an orgy of Chinese beauty! Hairstyles, clothes, makeup, furniture, jewellery, cars, bags, well pretty much every frame is like a painting.

I'm even considering learning how to play mahjong, cos the tiles are so pretty, but I don't really like those kinds of boardgames. I guess I could just get a mahjong game and use it as decoration. Watching this movie made me want to rewatch "In the mood for love", another incredibly beautiful movie completely packed with clothes to die for.

These lovely pictures are postcards I got the other week at Stockhome, a store with some nice kitsch and the odd straight thing for your home on Kungsgatan here in Stockholm. I have yet to decide where in the apartment they should live. With a short vacation coming up next week, I feel quite inspired by them.

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