Monday, 5 July 2010

colour me happy

I ran down to Emmaus during my lunch today, the main store used to be on Götgatan 14, at Slussen, but has now moved around the corner to a new place, supposedly bigger. They had quite a few lamp shades, but I didn't really fall in love with anyone. But I found this wonderful little embroidered, probably eastern European, table cloth instead, and got very happy. It only cost 40 kronor, and I think it's simply amazing. Colour therapy at it's best.

Of course I had the perfect little table for it too (don't miss my foot too!), and I really love it. The only problem is that I don't want to put anything on it now, and I meant to put a little lamp there, to sit by the bed. Oh, well, I'll find a solution for that later. For any guests staying over during the summer it'll be light enough in the evenings anyway. The room is coming together little by little, but it's not ready for any big reveal yet. I feel confident though, it's starting to look pretty much like I pictured it.

I also went around the corner to the vintage Emmaus, that's moved to the old store for now, but apparently will move back again later (next doors). I honestly wasn't gonna look for clothes, just interior details, but they hardly had anything there, and the dresses were all shouting for my attention! Found this cute cotton summer dress for 190 kronor, rather plain, but I like that. I'm probably gonna revamp it a little bit, exchange the buttons first of all. Am thinking of switching the black and white gingham dress' buttons I got a while ago, I think that would work out well for both dresses.

So this red dress would get white buttons, and the black and white one would get red buttons. I really like the little bow detail on the pockets, plus I really like dresses with pockets. It looks a bit boring on the hanger, but it's quite cute once on me, and with a little pimping it could easily become one of the summer's favourites. Especially if this heat continues, and they say it will. Having said that, I'll now say it's time for a nice cooling smoothie.

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