Wednesday, 14 July 2010

hot hot heat

Maybe it's heat stroke, maybe it's something else, but every morning I feel like I don't have anything to wear that will suit this heat, everything is gonna feel too tight and too hot and too long and too much! In the end I put something on and while walking to work I regret the choice and wish I'd brought a change. Of course there's nothing wrong with my huge wardrobe, but yet again it's an excuse for shopping some more on my way home from work.

First stop was Myrorna at Götgatan, and I got this cute floral pink/red/white/silver cotton top for 35 kronor. And I was looking at stuff in the corner with the AC for a very long time. I love AC. I tried to buy a fan yesterday, but every store were out of stock, and in one place they said even the suppliers are out of stock. So all I've got is icecream to keep me cool ...

A pretty floral frilly skirt that looks very summery also caught my eye, and with a perfect fit and a pricetag of 45 kronor I didn't have to think about it twice.

Black, white and pinks are so cute together. And the frills on this skirt are very nice and flowy, almost suitable for line dancing, should I choose to take that up at some point. Or are you supposed to wear tight jeans and a cowboy hat maybe? In that case line dancing has to do without me.

At H&M I found a turquoise cardigan on sale for 50 kronor, how perfect is that? Quite perfect I say, as I didn't have one in that colour before, and a girl can never have too many cardigans. It's true, ask anyone.

Monki at Skrapan is also having a sale, and they've got a very nice AC to make shopping easier. It's much appreciated! In order to show my appreciation I got two singlets for 50 kronor each. One is plain pink, that I might embellish somehow, or just wear with some brooches, and the other one is this black and white pumpkin print above that I fell in love with. It's completely weird and adorable at the same time, and it reminds me of Chinese lanterns, which can never be a bad thing. My red owl likes it too.

I wonder what I'll wear tomorrow?

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