Wednesday, 7 July 2010

cute as a button

Fabric stores are so much fun! Especially looking at buttons and ribbons. I was basically just gonna look for some cute red buttons for the black and white dress that lost it's white buttons to the new red dress (a very good decision, proof to follow). Didn't find any red ones that I fell in love with, but how about these dark pink rose ones? I couldn't resist. Not sure I'll use them for the dress though, cos they might be too fancy, but one way or the other I'll find good use for them. They cost 6 kronor each, and there weren't that many left so I got them all. Greedy me.

The magnificent big butterfly button was pretty much the first thing I saw when I walked in, and even though it was quite expensive (24 kronor for ONE) I just had to have one. They came in other colours too, but I went with the turquoise, maybe not surprisingly by now. The black ones I'm not sure what I'm gonna use for, but they were so nice I still got two, and they only cost 6 kronor each. I do have a lot of vintage coats and jackets that could really need some new buttons, I think these would actually go with a few of them. So maybe I have to go back for more.

Got some ribbons too, two different ones of my beloved gingham, and a shiny teal coloured. I'm thinking of doing some more little brooches, but I might just use them in my hair as well. I've been sewing for two nights now, not the whole time, but doing this and that on the three dresses that needed some pimping and minor alterations. And once again I've realised I really should get a sewing machine now. Also after spending a little bit of time in the fabric store and seeing all the amazing stuff just sitting on the shelves waiting to be created with, well it stirred something up in me. It's a huge step though, and I'm not quite sure I'm ready for it. But sometimes it's better to just jump in I guess.

I also got two vintage white slips that I can wear underneath my seethrough dresses. Popped back into Humana after work, cos I'd seen a good selection of them before, to very good prices. This one is more cream coloured, and full length (that I will shorten) for 79 kronor.

And this one, for 69 kronor, is more crispy white, shorter, with some pretty lace around the neck and by the lower hemline. I'm very happy with these slips, and as usual I now want to buy more of them in all the colours they've got. But I won't. Maybe just a black one, cos obviously that would be very useful with all my dark dresses ...

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