Saturday, 3 July 2010

painting part: check

After a few very long days and nights with hard work, I'm finally done with the painting part of the renovation. I'm exhausted, but feel very pleased with myself indeed. And it looks good, if I may say so myself. Even though it's difficult to tell completely, since it's still a mess in there. I really needed some rest after painting for hours in the heat we've had in Stockholm for the last few days. Not ideal weather for body work I tell you. Here's a before picture.

And a picture of the mess while I was painting the shelves and fell in love with the turquoise colour. I dragged the bed into the next room before I started to paint the walls. There's been a lot of dragging of furniture actually, which is what you have to do when you're alone, or rather I forgot to ask someone to come help me the day before I started. Luckily the floor is plastic (and I've realised during this process how incredibly ugly it is, but I'm not gonna do anything about that for now), so it hasn't been hurt by it.

This is the finished turquoise wall, but the colour shifts a bit in different lights and looks more green when it's a bit darker. Like I said before, it's gonna look great putting the teak furniture against that wall, can't wait to get everything in place. Getting up early tomorrow to do the last few things, and then give the room a nice clean before bringing stuff back in.

On my way home from work yesterday I went to Coctail for some inspiration, and got this supercute flower fairy light that was on sale for 98 kronor. Saw a few other things I might go back for, especially these very cute lamp shades. They were a bit pricey though, so I'm gonna look around for a second hand one first. Or maybe even attempt to make one myself, cos I've got some very nice left over pieces of fabric that would look lovely as a lamp shade.

Since Coctail is just a stone's throw away from one of my fave vintage stores, Stadsmissionen by Nytorget, I couldn't resist going there too. And there this wonderful summer's dress was just waiting for me, how convenient. 135 kronor was reasonable I think, and it's got a perfect fit. I removed the short sleeves though, cos I thought it'd look cuter without, now I just need to hem it a little bit. I also realised I probably need a slip underneath, cos it's quite thin and seethrough. The simplicity of it reminds me of a 40's dress, maybe from the American south or something, but I doubt it's that old. Besides the tag is in German ... Doesn't matter when or where it's from, I'm still in love with it.

I popped in at Myrorna at Götgatan too, mainly to look for a lamp shade, but of course I had to browse the clothes quickly as well. This pretty green polka dot blouse for 45 kronor got to come home with me, and no lamp shade this time. So that's the mission for next weekend: lamp shade hunting, and possibly rug hunting as well, and bed spread hunting. I need to get a feel for it all first, when the furniture's in place, and it's starting to come together. It might very well be that I've got everything I need already, with all that stuff I've kept in the basement for years.

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