Sunday, 1 August 2010

polyester dream

Waiting for the Pride parade to begin yesterday, I popped into Humana again, since I happened to walk by and saw they had a sale. Tried on a couple of dresses, and fell in love with a red polyester 60's dream that fit me like a glove. Half price: 85 kronor! Not bad at all. Thought about wearing it to the party next weekend, but I think it'll be too hot. I love the sleeves so much, they're just perfect.

And the neckline is just as wonderful. All these details sort of adds to a regal look, even though these days I doubt a polyester dress would be suitable for a royal wedding. Lucky I'm not royal then, and can wear what I want!

I haven't decided if I should shorten it or not, I'm leaning towards keeping it as it is actually, cos I don't have that many full length dresses, and you never know when you might need one. I do have a very specific party in mind for it, but we'll see about that.

Last week I rediscovered this little belt, when I was looking for one to go with the new Beyond Retro dress. They looked very nice together indeed. But the cute 60's belt also has a dress of it's own, a project I never got around to yet cos it needs a little bit more than usual. I might show you later. It's definitely a project I need a sewing machine for anyway, and it could turn out very nicely so I guess I shouldn't postpone it forever.

The other night I looked outside and noticed that the sky had the exact same pink colour as the house opposite mine. Had to snap a picture of it, cos it looked so pretty. I'll sure miss the bright summer nights once they're over for this year. But by then hopefully other things that I miss like crazy will be much closer to me, and nights getting darker won't seem so bad after all.


Saga said...

Klart du måste ha en hellång klänning också! Den var jättefin, vilken himla blick för fynd du har :-)

jenny kellerman pillay said...

Har köpt två nya klänningar på trippen hittills också, så borde kanske inte shoppa loss alltför mycket i Gbg nästa vecka ... Det är ju alltid lättare sagt än gjort!