Saturday, 28 August 2010

all dressed up and going for brunch

Today after dying my hair, which was long overdue, I managed to somehow make a pretty old fashioned hairdo (in my opinion anyway), so I let that set the tone for my outfit. I really like getting all dressed up on the weekend, even if I'm not doing anything special, cos at least I will feel special. Well sometimes that is. But just a few minutes after walking outside I got such a nice compliment from a girl walking by, it really made my day! There's nothing like the kindness of a stranger to make you smile.

I'm not a big poser, and can't find a good place to stand in the flat, or a way of looking at least semi-relaxed, but nevermind. I've never claimed to be a model, have I? First time I got to use the lovely red beaded necklace I almost got for free at the country flea market earlier this summer (about 12 kronor), it went excellent with the dress, which is one of the lot of five from the basement vintage shop that mysteriously disappeared (150 kronor).

Sneak peak of the ensamble in colour. I met a friend for brunch, and he said I looked very nice and matching. I've always liked matching, I can't help it. I do believe that everything you personally like will look good on you, but in my case I've got such a lot of things that I really like it's never difficult to find something that will look particularly good with something else!

That being said, I have sort of decided to go on a shopping diet for about a month, or even longer, if I can make it. Or at least try and stay within a specific budget after the first month. It's not that I've really spent that much, and have nothing left, it's more that I feel it would be good for my character to spend less for a while. Also I got so much of stuff in the basement, and in drawers and cabinets, so I plan to start investigating a bit more, doing inventory if you will, probably find things I've forgotten, maybe sort some things out to sell or donate, and such. I'm also, once again, seriously considering buying a sewing machine, so that I can finally get around a big pile of projects that are just waiting, thereby getting new clothes for myself! I've spent most of the day, after coming back from brunch, reading this amazing blog from start to last update, and feel very inspired indeed to start getting things done. Not just reading about what other people are crafty enough to make. I've sure got an abundance of ideas and material to get started, whether or not I've got any skills to turn things out as well, is left to be seen.


Saga said...

Lovely outfit, lovely photos!

jenny kellerman pillay said...

Why thank you my dear!