Sunday, 29 August 2010

more gothenburg goodies

One of the new stores I found during my Gothenburg visit was an Indian one on Kungsgatan, quite close to Järntorget. We just wanted to pop in to check it out, but ended up spending both plenty of time and money there because the shop owner was so friendly and it turned out to be packed with lovely things! If you're at all into Indian interior design items such as pillow cases, curtains, bedspreads, etcetera, this is definitely the place for you. It's more expensive than for example Indiska, but the quailty and selection is way better, and compared to other Indian interior design stores in Stockholm the prices are very reasonable. The nice shop owner very patiently let us try about 10 pairs of earrings each before finally choosing one pair each, and just as I was about to pay for them I spotted this little Ganesh figurine behind the counter. It's made of beautifully handpainted brass, and since Ganesh is me and my husband's special protective god (we were told at our temple wedding), I thought maybe it would be a good thing to get it. My motive wasn't religious though, maybe I should point that out, I just wanted a pretty figurine in our home! But if I by doing that am pleasing the gods, so be it, I guess.

These were the earrings I finally decided to get, very pretty silver ones with turquiose stones. They weren't cheap, 269 kronor, but for real silver and Indian design it's not too bad actually. And I've already used them quite a lot, I really love them! And love is always an investment, right? Or at least a good excuse to shop ...

I did also compensate these slightly more expensive buys, with two ridiculously cheap ones: this lovely little Chinese vase I paid 5 kronor for! Hardly a Ming Dynasty vase or something, but small and pretty and easy to place. And Chinese, of course, which is reason enough for me to spend money on it.

The only problem is that I can't decide which side is the prettiest! So I think I'm gonna have to turn it around once a week, just to get both. Had there been two of them, I probably would have splashed out another 5 kronor to get around that delicate problem.

This was the other big investment: two Hello Kitty plastic toys that I bought from two little girls selling their things at a market. They were a whopping 3 kronor each! Even though I do like Hello Kitty, I'm not a collector and will probably pass these on to someone who will appreciate them more.

A very nice vintage store that we found wandering around Olivedal was Popitop, where I saw some vintage buttons I couldn't resist. Digging around a little box of them I first decided on some, then went back for seconds and thirds and so on, until I decided that I had picked out all the pretty ones. Maybe it was selfish of me, but I do believe I need them for future projects. Like these little red cherry ones!

White ornate cuties and turquiose shiny gems! Not that many of these kinds though, but I'll find the perfect way to use them to show them off the best.

Small red lovely flower buttons! These were the ones I decided on first, and I just love them. Since I bought so many I got a bit of a discount and ended up spending 130 kronor on buttons. Not exactly flea market prices, but good enough vintage ones I guess. I'm happy anyway, and can't wait to use them.

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Popitop said...

Hello! My name is Linda and I´m the owner of Popitop. Thank you for buying at my shop. I hope you like buttons as much as I do. Big hug!