Tuesday, 17 August 2010

come dine with me

I'm back home in Stockholm and trying to sort out the hundreds of pics I took over the past couple of weeks on my little vacation trip, but don't really know where to start and how to sort it. I might actually start another blog to show off this one thing I started to document in Ystad, first just for fun, but then it turned into an obsession and I ended up with more than 100 pictures! Not gonna tell you about it until I've decided what to make of it, but I feel inspired to continue with it in other cities as well. Meanwhile, here's a few pics of the finds I've made along the way. A little wicker basket I spotted in a window and just instantly knew I had to get!

Because this is what it contains! How cute is this?! I thought I'd give it to my lovely niece, aged 3,5 years, but maybe keep it at home for her to play with when she visists. Is that selfish? I remember that me and my brothers had toys and stuff at our grandparents places when we were kids, and since we only got to play with them when we were there, at least I appreciated them a lot. We'll see what happens.

Anyone who's up for very tiny cup of tea is welcome to stop by anytime!

Ystad has a nice array of little shops, and one of my favorites is the Asian one, that I forgot what's it's called right now. It's on the main street though, so won't be too difficult to find should you want to look for it. Ystad is almost as tiny a city as the picnic set, and you can walk through it in about 10 minutes, unless the main street is too crowded by tourists, which is quite common in the summer time. The Asian store had a sale, but since I was trying my very best to travel a bit light I tried to not look too closely on the bigger things, and just got another Japanese Kokeshi wood doll, that came in a beautiful little light blue box.

I'm gonna put it with the other two of course, and I think it will look really great in both size and colour with them. I'm trying to decide whether or not I should cut my bangs shorter again, now it's too long to wear down anyway, and seeing my Kokeshis make me want to do it sooner rather than later. The big problem is that I'm sort of in between hair dressers at the moment, which is very annoying and concerning, and a little bit disturbing that it is just that. The ridiculous anxieties of everyday life I bring upon myself! I could just get scissors and do it myself, I've done it before.

Finally a sneak peak of one of the best finds during the trip: a lovely vintage dress I got at the Saturday morning fleamarket in Ystad for 40 kronor by a very nice lady. I haven't had time or the right lighting to take a pic of it in full, but be sure it'll come eventually. There's a big pile of other finds I need to document and post! But the nights are getting darker, and I don't like using flash so it might have to wait until this weekend. Unless I get up super early in the morning I guess, which isn't likely to happen anytime soon: the snooze function is my best friend (and is wearing out my cell phone battery ...).

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