Wednesday, 18 August 2010

kabusa vintage house

What I like the most about driving around anywhere (or rather being driven around by someone with a car and a license), is finding places along the way to where you are going, and having the time to stop and check it out. That's how I found the very nice place Kabusa Vintage House outside of Ystad in the southern part of Sweden. It's an old barn that's been fixed up and now holds a huge vintage store, and an apartment on top of it where the owners live.

I'll admit I got a bit dizzy walking down these stairs, seeing how big it was, and how great everything looked. I do love the chaotic fleamarket thing a lot, but big spacey areas like these, where everything is in a well thought out place, I might even love more. Well, I guess it also depends on the circumstances.

I don't mean to be blasphemous, but it really looked like a vintage church, and I'm not just talking about the cross in the window. Even though I'm not religious, I have a great respect for churches and tend to tip on my toes and whisper while in them. I think that was pretty much what I did here.

Obviously I wasn't looking for furniture, but I had to walk around and look at everything anyway, and if anyone is actually looking for some good 50's and 60's stuff, I can highly recommend this place. It's not exactly cheap, but compared to most Stockholm vintage stores I really thought most things were priced very reasonably. In the sense that pretty much all the furniture and interior design items were in excellent shape.

They had a little café corner too, but since we just came from lunch we didn't try it out. That room was just brilliant though, I loved everything about it. If I ever get to live in an old barn, I'm gonna go for this style for sure. I'd actually very much love to have a little café/bar corner, with a giant naked lady on the wall above it.

Very cool old movie poster in three parts from a Swedish film from 1936.

I guess this is the stairs up to the apartment where the owner lives.

A huge Gone with the wind-inspired painting (my guess anyway). And gorgeous high ceiling.

The clothing selection was small but felt handpicked and very nice, with varied prices. Fortunately for my wallet most things were in tiny sizes.

They also had a rack of men's jackets, and a lot of shoes, bags and accessories. Surprisingly enough I focused on the dresses though.

This was the first thing I saw when I walked in: a completely stunning 50's dress in mint condition, like it's never been worn. I love love love it! It didn't even cost that much, considering what kind of dress it is, just 349 kronor. BUT I'm not that small anymore, and have sort of promised myself not to buy things I wish I'll be able to wear one day, when I've magically lost some weight. That won't make anyone happy, and this dress deserves to make some smaller girl happy. I hope it already did, I'd hate to think it's still just hanging there, all alone, looking so pretty.

When I was handed this wonderful dress, I didn't feel so bad about the other one, actually not one bit! Who could not be happy seeing this creation? A very simple 50's or early 60's housewife aprondress, in the most adorable pink and red cotton fabric.

The buttons look like strawberry candy!

And I love the pockets too. It has a little rip by the last button, which made me do something I rarely do: haggle down the price. So I got it for 200 kronor instead of 250, and I think I can mend the rip fairly easily. It looks a little sunfaded, but I don't mind that at all. I like imagining the woman who wore it in the 50's, maybe using it all summer hanging laundry outside, or working in the garden, and sipping lemonade with her lady friends on the patio. Because obviously that's all women did in the 50's!

Anyways, I definitely want to go back to Kabusa Vintage House next time I'm visiting the south. If you however are closer than me, they have a sale going on right now, so don't wait to get there.

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