Friday, 20 August 2010

i heart durban designers

In case anyone was wondering if I've forgotten about Durban since I'm back up north, I'll let you all know of course I haven't! Not only because my husband is still there at the moment (but shall soon be joining me in the northern hemisphere), but also because I love Durban lots and lots! There are a lot of things I miss, but I shall not get into that or I'll get all misty eyed here. Instead I'll promote the wonderful little market called I heart market, taking place in 2 weeks, not at it's usual place (although it seems to be moving around quite a lot lately ...), but downtown. Check out their blog for details.

I'm completely in love with this poster! They usually make really nice posters, but this one is the best so far without a doubt. It would be such a great thing to have an edition of the I heart market here in Stockholm, I'm sure my fellow swedes would love the Durban designers as much as I do. The downside would obviously be that I wouldn't be alone wearing it here though ... I guess I could live with that. Before that happens I urge everyone closeby to Durban to get down there and enjoy the pretty things instead of me!

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