Thursday, 12 August 2010

way out west: polkadot cat

I've moved on to the Swedish west coast, more specifically Gothenburg. I've loved this city since I was little, and I go here once a year for the biggest book fair in Sweden, but I haven't visited just for the fun of it for years now. I realise I've missed it quite a lot, and a lot of things have changed. Some for the better, some for the worse. The best thing so far has been finding this amazing vintage store, Prickig Katt (Polkadot Cat), a store where I simply wanted to move in! I will post more pictures later, and I'm also gonna go back one more time before I head back home on Sunday. I've made some really nice buys so far, but trying hard not to spend everything at once. Tonight the festival starts, and if all goes well I'm gonna see Villagers and The Low Anthem. The thing is that they play quite small clubs, and the risk of not getting in is apparent. I will however persist.

Tomorrow I'm gonna be in heaven at 18.50, when The National will take the stage. I'm almost shivering with excitement. Not even finding an amazing dress for free can measure up to that!


Anonymous said...

what about m.i.a?
- a concerned reader

jenny kellerman pillay said...

M.I.A. was certainly exciting as well, I'm so sorry I forgot to mention that!