Thursday, 3 June 2010

fine flowers make me smile

I wasn't always into flowers as a decorative pattern, and too much of them in a home is still not my thing, and probably never will be. I really like a few here and there though, and particularly flowery patterns that are or look Chinese, surprise surprise. Sometimes I fall in love with more British looking flowers too, like this cake stand that was a wedding gift. Of course peonese is one of my favorite flowers, and the combination of pink and turquiose just does something to me, I don't know what it is. It's just too pretty not to like.

Unfortunately I don't really have that many cake parties, and I even forgot I had this in a cupboard up until a week ago. When I found it I just had to put it together, so that I at least can just look at it this last week I'm here this time around. I inherited a beautiful cake stand earlier this year, will post about that one later. I think I might use that for jewellery, it shouldn't just sit in a cupboard waiting for me to arrange a cake party, which I should do too one day.

Here are two lovely bowls I bought for 5 and 7 rand respectively last year, in a Chinese shop we found by chance out here in Chatsworth, when we stopped for bunny chows after having had a meeting with the very nice little old lady who was going to help me dress and do my hair piece for the first day of our wedding. After a meeting mainly about what flowers I wanted it seemed fitting to buy these, even though I decided on red roses and baby's breath, not pink and yellow ones.

The old lady also wanted me to wear a crown, and even though it was beautiful it seemed a bit much so I said thanks, but no thanks. She was worried about my hair being so short, but unfortunately I couldn't do that much about it in two weeks. It was what it was, and she said she'd figure something out. When she arrived early in the morning to start working on me, she had still brought the crown and said I could at least try it on, she knew it would make my mother-in-law very happy if I wore it. My mother-in-law hadn't mentioned it at all, but I thought I'd do it just to make this little ole lady happy, at least try it on.

After she put it on, and started to add some rosebuds and baby's breath, my mum came and looked at it, and said I looked like a princess, so I figured I might as well go with it, cos which girl doesn't want to look and feel like a princess on their wedding day? I was most happy with having so many red roses in my hair though, and once everything was ready I hardly dared to turn my head in case anything would fall down.

Nothing fell down fortunately, and everything was beautiful and a little bit weird, as I suppose is the case when you don't really understand what's going on in a ceremony, except that you're getting married to the one person you love the most. That's pretty much the only thing you need to understand, in my humble opinion.

The second day of the wedding I made a little hair piece myself, with some left over roses, baby's breath and an aliceband I wrapped in red silk ribbon. It looked pretty nice, and I could still move my head around as much as I liked. The third day I got new roses, and a friend of our's helped me do a stunning hairdo, which is what you can see a piece of on my profile photo.

If it wouldn't make me very self concious, and very much like I was trying to show off or something, I'd like to wear fresh roses in my hair a bit more often. As it is now I rarely even wear fake flowers in my hair, unless I'm going to a private party or just wear it at home. I should really do something about that, why would I care about what anybody thinks if I decided to wear a rose hairpin, there are so many other things I don't care about what they think of.

Life's really too short to worry about what other people think about you, cos what does it matter anyway? That's their problem, not really mine. So I guess it's decided then, as of now I'm gonna start wearing flowers in my hair more often. Done deal.

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