Tuesday, 15 June 2010

tuesday treats

I decided to give myself a few treats for returning to the cold north, for the time being alone as it is, but just until August. When we went to Exclusive Books a while back I found two amazing books that I just fell immediately in love with, but they were way too expensive for my bargain taste. I checked my usual internet book store, and they had them for half the price, so last week I ordered them and today they arrived. Just look at this cover!

Every spread in the book is as beautiful as the cover, I might show it off some more in a later post. I just love that the book is mine now, it's probably one of the most beautiful books I own, and I own a lot of pretty books. I can't help but collect them, they make me happy. Graphic design and typography history doesn't get more gorgeous than this, for sure.

This one is equally wonderful, I can't look at it enough. I'd like to eat it in fact. Lettering and fonts are definitely two of my favorite things in the world, it's just something that speaks to me in an immediate way and sort of fills in some gaps. That might sound weird, but I don't care. Maybe a better way of describing it would be that it's like music to my eyes. Yes, that feels very accurate.

What music does to my ears, all the way to my heart and my brain, is what letters do to my eyes. Of course the combination of letters into words and sentences and books usually follows, and has the same effect. As corny as it may sound it completes me.

Then there's Edward Gorey! My hero! And now I'm gonna read everything about him and his amazing amazing AMAZING work! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but I'm pretty stoked about getting this book and diving into it as soon as possible. I've been meaning to post about Mr Gorey before, but never gotten around to it for some reason. After reading this book, I'll hopefully be able to post something more profound than "amazing amazing AMAZING".

But if you don't know anything about Edward Gorey, I think it should be enough to look at these two pictures to understand what a complete genius he is. And these are just his illustrations, mind you, and as incredible they are on their own, his texts bring it to a whole different dimension, out of this world, if you ask me. Or as I tell you, rather. Just hear me one more time, then I'll move on for now: Edward Gorey is amazing!

As another treat, although I sort of decided that I shouldn't even think about shopping until I've unpacked everything that sits in the basement right now, I couldn't help but check out my closest Salvation Army store on my way home from work. And there a perfect dress was waiting for me, who knew? Black and white gingham, very simple cut, looks a little 60's but doesn't have a tag and I suspect it might be homemade, and it fit me just perfectly. 85 kronor sealed the deal. Although the small white buttons are very cute, I'm thinking of exchanging them for red or pink ones, if I can find some nice that would fit.

Finally I couldn't walk away from a polyester blouse for 65 kronor, even though the style of it is a bit too frumpy for my taste. I just adore the flowers, and I'm sure I'll figure out a way to use the fabric for something else. Maybe I'll turn it into another top, or incorporate parts of it with something else, or make an apron, or bag, or pillow case, or head bands. I'll keep you posted.

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