Wednesday, 2 June 2010

surrounding myself with chinese silk pt. 1

This is some of the Chinese silk I surround myself with in my southern home, not nearly as much as my northern home's got, but enough to make me feel comfortable. The pillow cases are from Indiska in Stockholm, the pretty jewellery box was a gift.

This is a gorgeous top that's way too big for me, but I bought it anyway thinking that I'd adjust it. It's not as easy adjusting Chinese silk as for example polyester though, so I think a professional needs to help me, and I haven't gotten around to that yet. I still like looking at it. It's from a shop in Copenhagen.

Detail of multicoloured cherry blossoms from the pink top.

These purses I've bought for next to nothing in sets of 5 in different sizes, and used so much. The teal one is also from Indiska, the red I got at a market in Stockholm. The smallest one is ideal for coins and keys, the size after that perfect for my camera, the biggest one is just big enough for the few washing up things you need for a sleepover.

Closeup on the petrol purse with it's assortment of cute flowers.

Closeup on another pillowcase from Indiska, pretty peoneses.

Dragon on the black pillowcase, in good company with phoenixes as well, two beautiful animals I've always wanted to add to my own skin with ink. In fact I wouldn't mind having skin like Chinese silk, preferably one that I could change colour and theme of, since there are so many lovely ones. One problem would be combining it with all my vintage dresses though ... It might get a bit busy with it all. So I better keep it like it is, except for maybe adding another tattoo eventually, seeing that I oddly enough still don't have a Chinese one.

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