Sunday, 30 May 2010

owl craze

Being the second to last Saturday I'm spending in Durbs for a while, I wanted to go to Pavillion one last time. Didn't really plan to go anywhere specific, but while having another great breakfast at The Little Italian Place, I remembered I hadn't been to Accessorize during this stay. I usually don't buy anything there, cos I find it a bit expensive, but I really like looking cos they've got so many pretty things. This time I fell in love though, and could simply not leave without this little fella! 149 rand isn't exactly a bargain, but it looks very 60's vintage, and had it been of course the price would have been a lot higher (I'm pretty good at making up convincing stories to defend my spending ...). I also know that I will wear this brooch a lot, it might even become what I'm known for.

At another visit to Pavillion I saw a girl with this owl tote bag, and said straight away to my husband: "I want that bag." For some reason I didn't ask her however where she got it from, but maybe that's why I went to Accessorize this time: cos there it was, waiting for me.

I tried very hard to keep my cool, and think I managed pretty well. What I really wanted to do was jump up and down for a bit, giggling with happiness! 199 rand seemed fair, it's quite big and I can use it as my carry-on-luggage on my way back home to Stockholm, so no need to pack it and adding to the final weight. Good thinking, huh? It also matches my owl jewellery that I got in Stockholm just before I left for Durban, which sorts of completes an irrational shopping circle, in my mind.

They have very cute plastic bags at Accessorize, and I love when they pack your things in pretty pink tissue paper. I remember finding this chain store in London back in the late 80's, the first time I went there. It's always been a very good store, and maybe it's a good thing that it's a little on the expensive side, cos otherwise I'd buy too much there. The last thing I couldn't resist this time was these lovely butterfly earrings for 89 rand.

Just look at this little trio! I like, I like, I like, three time's the charm. Perfect for long bright summer nights out, paired with a flowery dress and chilled rosé wine.

First I didn't want to go to Mr Price, cos I felt pretty done with it the last time I went (I mean for this time, not forever, I love this store!), but as soon as we walked by on our way to Look & Listen, I could feel it drawing me in. As always. It's a very strong pull, I tell you. Being end of month it was crazy packed with people though, so I just made a quick browse and decided to be happy with this nice red cardigan and be done with it.

I've been looking for a red cardigan for a long time, and this is kinda perfect to wear over a dress, especially a black and white one, and I just love the shiny buttons. Being Mr Price of course the price was nice: 89 rand. And clearly my new best friend likes it too! So I didn't feel too sad to leave Pavillion, my favorite shopping castle, behind for this time. Don't go changing, and survive the World Cup. I'll be back. For sure.

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