Wednesday, 5 May 2010

what i'd wear this wednesday

What I'd wear this Wednesday, had it not been around 27 degrees, and also packed in my basement in Stockholm, is this lovely dress. One of my definite favorite finds this winter, that I unfortunately just made one opportunity for myself to wear before I left. It cost a mere 65 kronor at Stadsmissionens best shop, that I know at least, at Nytorget. As I may have mentioned before I like my polyester dresses. I'm pretty sure this is from the 70's, mostly based on the collar obviously. I usually like collars like this, but in this dress I thought it was a bit dominant.

So I decided to change it, and made it into a more Chinese looking collar, adding a thin red ribbon to hold it together. I also shortened the sleeves and the length, cos full length sleeves on a polyester dress can make it even more difficult to wear should it not be really cold. Black, white and red is by far my fave combination of colours, or any of the two combined. What I love about this particular pattern is that it reminds me of typographic characters, which can never be a bad thing in my book. After all, typography is what builds a book in the end, when it's left the writer's mind.

Here's a close up on the former 70's flaps, gone Chinese below. It's a very satisfying feeling when you buy a dress that you know you want to alter a little bit, and you can picture the alterations in your head, and then it actually turns out like your picture. But they don't always turn out that way, unfortunately, mainly cos I'm nowhere near being a seamstress. I just know what I wanna do, and then I sit down and decidely try to get there. I have a few bigger projects I haven't gotten around to yet, cos I think they actually need that sewing machine I don't own. But I haven't forgotten about them, oh no, those dresses are just waiting for their day to come.

This dress I'm very happy with though, and I'm looking forward to wearing it lots and lots when I get back to Stockholm and the temperature will start dropping again. Cos undoubtely it will, and stay that way for far too long. Good thing that I've discovered that polyester vintage dresses sure has made Swedish winters easier to endure.

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