Sunday, 16 May 2010

four fantastic friday finds

When having a long weekend, it's nice to do the boring musts the first day, just some fun stuff the second day, and wake up on Saturday just to realise you've got two more days of doing whatever. So for my fun second day I went into town with my husband, spent the morning in his office working on some very nice graphic design projects, and went down to Musgrave Centre in the afternoon for some shopping on my own. I've never been a huge fan of Musgrave, I think Pavillion is so much nicer when it comes to the malls. But now it's taken a turn for the worse, with a lot of shops closed down and a lot of the others being completely uninteresting. It's got one really good reason to go there though: a little jewellery shop called Bizarre, on the second floor opposite Kauai. I just love that place! There's lots of both new and vintage jewellery, in different price ranges, and as usual the main problem is choosing what you can't live without. This time it turned out to be this silver butterfly ring, a new production, but after a 40's design. At 295 rand I thought it was well worth it. In that particular display, with everything in a similar style, I would pretty much buy everything if I could afford it. I really wanted some 40's brooches, but they were really expensive. It made me realise that the cute brooch I got from Euphoria a while back was probably a real bargain at 225 rand.

These cute silver earrings I couldn't resist as well, in their kind of typographic style. I have a thing for trinities as well, don't know why. I've got a celtic triskele tattoo on my shoulder, guess that's the most apparent evidence to that obsession. The earrings was only 125 rand, and for real silver and a unique design I think that's more than fair. I also got something else that I'd like to show, cos it's completely divine, but it's a gift for someone and I don't wanna risk that someone seeing it here first. So I'll get back to that one later. Just thinking about all the stuff in that place now, makes me wanna go back next weekend again, but I guess I shouldn't. There's so much of gorgeous art deco pieces there, I think that's the stuff I'd most like to get my hands on.

The Mr Price store at Musgrave has turned into what almost looked like a factory outlet, quite horrible if you ask me. I decided to try and ignore that, and in the end found this very nice 60's looking minidress/tunic for just 89 rand. Since I don't exactly have Twiggy's figure I'll wear it with trousers, rather than tights, which would look very nice on a twiglike person I guess.

I really like the fabric, which is quite thick and will suit the Swedish climate perfectly, and the cute little sleeves. By chance I woke up yesterday to a very rainy and quite chilly day, and happily got to try it out and do something that happens very rarely in my life nowadays: wear pants. I've only got one pair here, and they actually suited this top perfectly. One of the many reasons I've got for excusing or explaining or simply defending my shopping habits, is that I will wear everything straight away and often. Which is true to about 90% I'd say, cos sometimes I'll buy something for a specific occasion and have to wait for that, or buy something that needs some alterations that I might not have time to fix immediately. But I really love wearing a new outfit the day after I got it, it makes me feel like a new person.

The last find for myself was this dvd at Adams Book Shop. I wanted to buy it at Pavillion a few weeks ago, but choose another box set instead at that time. Now I saved 100 rand, since this was on sale for 208 rand. I've heard a lot about this show for such a long time, but never got round to checking it out. I've only seen 3 episodes so far, and I like it a lot. It's very unusual, and European, in a way. And one of the reasons why I've heard so much about it is the main female character's sense of style, which I'm already in love with of course. I wouldn't mind having my own pie bakery either, not one bit.

Now that the long weekend is coming to an end I feel quite relaxed and satisfied, even though I didn't do everything I had hoped to get done, but close enough. So writing a new song is getting postponed until next weekend, if not sudden inspiration strikes late afternoon, anything can still happen I guess.

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