Thursday, 20 May 2010

if i had wings

If I had wings it'd be so much easier to live in two countries, and wanting to be in both places at the same time. I don't always want that, but often enough. Being very rich and having my private jet would also work, but I do care about the environment, and don't think global warming is a hoax, so it wouldn't be ideal after all. Having my own set of wings, that perferably would come on and off as I'd like, would come in handy for a lot of things actually. Maybe not grocery shopping, I imagine it'd be rather difficult to handle the load I usually end up buying even if I don't need to use my arms for the flying part.

This beautiful griffin, that's not really a griffin I think, was a find from one of the most magical places I've ever been to. Last August we went for a weekend trip to the South Coast, stayed outside of Port Edward, and mostly drove around to all the little places we could find on the tourist map. This place was not on the map though, it was a poorly written sign by the road saying "antiques" that lead us there. First we drove past it, then turned around as we spotted it at the last minute, and went onto this dirt road that got more narrow by the meter, and dirtier, and stonier, surrounded by banana plantations, and no house was in sight for a long time. We got more and more nervous that there was no house and nowhere to turn the car around and get back to the main road. Then it appeared out of nowhere, this cute little country cottage, looked after by an old lady, and filled with antiques mixed with new towels and soaps and bead necklaces and whatnot. In the end I bought a very pretty dress for my niece, and this griffin, for just 85 rand. I'm not sure we'd find the place again if we ever went back the same way, it felt like something you only stumble upon by chance, once.

But if I had wings, and say it took about 3-4 hours between Sweden and South Africa, it'd be fine to work in one place and spend the weekends in the other place. People do it all the time, I mean when they have that kind of distance between work and home. As it happens I work from home when I'm here in South Africa, so I don't need to commute at all, but there are plenty of other reasons I'd like to go back to Stockholm for, without having to pay a fortune for plane tickets and spend approximately 24 hours of travelling to get there. Not to mention the anxiety attacks that need constant crossword solving and some medication to get through.

My wings could look something like this. Although I'm a little bit concerned about trying to fit my packing into that little basket ...

Maybe something like this would be better considering the packing I'd need to take with me. I can travel light, if absolutely necessary, but I do prefer not to. This particular flying machine looks rather slow, but the design looks very nice. I wonder about parking though, I think it would be best to have something that could be easily stored away while I stay in one of the two places. For one thing, I guess a lot of people would like to get their hands on a set of wings, or personal flying machine. For the other thing, I don't really like big things that can't be stored away.

I really like this book cover design a lot, that's certainly something that should be out for display, not tucked away in a book shelf.

Of course if I had wings, I'd be able to go other places too, and not having to worry about delayed connections, or even hotel rooms, cos I could just fly back home after visiting a market in Hanoi, or Bejing, or Mumbai, or having dinner in Berlin, or San Fransisco, or going to a concert in Seattle, or London, or New York. It would be preferable if I could have two sets of wings though, to always be able to bring someone for company. Mostly I'd probably want to bring my husband, for obvious reasons, but for concerts I'd take Saga, and for markets I'd take Linda.

I think I'd want a pair of black wings, like these. They won't look evil on me though, they'll look very sophisticated, and shiny like velvet, and I'd design a chic flying hat to keep my hair in place. Cos there's nothing more annoying than hair getting into your eyes when you're trying to see where you're flying. I imagine.

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